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What is Psychotherapy?

Therapy is a unique opportunity between two people to explore and share the uniqueness of you. Therapy takes many forms and many contexts. It varies by client and the approach varies by therapist. It is also deeply personal because it reflects you, your needs, and the vision you have for your life. And…it all starts with a relationship.

Therapy will have its ups and downs, its laughter and its tears, just like any other deeply meaningful relationship. It will be personal and it will be professional. In its finest practice, it is molded and shaped by both client and therapist alike. No one person’s therapy is exactly like another, and it shouldn’t be. Your past, present, and future are uniquely yours and how you interpret meaning from those is also uniquely yours.
It’s an Investment You Make.

It’s an Investment You Make

Therapy is not a relationship you should enter into lightly. It represents a significant investment of your time, effort, energy, and money. It is also an investment you make in yourself. It’s your way of saying, “I matter to me.” It reflects the relationship you have with yourself and your world today and the opportunity to transform those things for your own fulfillment. Take the time to interview at least three different therapists. Reflect on what you may need to succeed at your goals. The quality of the therapeutic relationship is the single greatest contributor to the successful attainment of the goals you have set for yourself.

Questions that may be helpful for you to ask when you interview a therapist are featured below. To print a copy, just click the PDF file button under the download icon. Customize the information to fit your needs.
Image of individual counseling session
Image of individual counseling session